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Will McCrudden
Front End Developer • Web Designer

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You can hire me to work with you on your project! Please note that I only have experience with the following: CSS3, HTML5, HTML4, JavaScript. I can also do a little bit of Node.js, Discord.js, and Express.js.

The prices are negotiable, usually they are based off the size of your project and what you want me to do with it. If I have no idea what I'm doing (e.g i have no experience with your coding language), I will simply not try.

Email [email protected] if you would like to hire me for your next big idea!


Hi, I'm Will McCrudden. I enjoy coding and listening to music, while still balancing school and friends. I was born October 25th. I currently live in South Carolina (SC), USA. If you wanna email me for business inquires, or maybe just to say hi, don't be afraid to email [email protected].

When I grow up (I'm still a teenager), I will definitely do something with coding or fixing computers, phones, etc. If that doesn't work out, I'll beg for money in dark alleyways. just kidding btw.
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